Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Went to see Mamma Mia on Friday. It was my present to Peter celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. I have two words for you.


I'll wait. But tickets. now...go! Shoo. What are you waiting for?

This was really THE - BEST - SHOW - EEEEEVERRRR. It's funny, exciting and brilliantly executed. The troupe that we saw at Gammage was amazing. It was a perfect night.

I dare anyone to go and not love this production. Yes, it's that good.


Dust and Maddy said...

I hate you. I would LOVE to see it! I'm uber jealous. happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that it was a good thing! Hopefully Peter felt the same way!
Man, those 5 years FLEW by!!
Love ya

Michelle said...

Peter LOVED it. We laughed the entire first act.

Maddy, you are on ABBA fan probation until you see it. YOU WILL LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!

laura said...

LOVED it! my dh loved it, too!

happy anniversary! :)

Shanna said...

I wish I could get Shane to go to a musical with me! I neeed to work on that!

Kerry said...

I think we need a MAS field trip. I want to see this so badly!!!

Glad you and Peter had fun!