Saturday, August 18, 2007

feeling better

Thanks so much (again) for the thoughts and prayers. Knowing y'all have my back gives me tremendous strength. tremendous strength! I love you for it.

On a completely unrealted and irrelevant note, Kerry don't lie Holy crap. Went to Target today and I could actually feel the skin on my arms melting. craziness. It's times like that I have to force myself to remember that Beth's weatherpixie dude whose name I can't remember wears T-shirts in December while everyone else is covered in snow. Two more months..only two more months.

One of these days I'll have a good picture of something that's actually the cover of the book!!! :)


Lisa said...

dude--it's jake! and he's about nekkid right now i'm guessing!! it's about 80 here right now--wanna come up and see me?

Beth said...

Yep- Jakey is almost nakey, the bastard. But I guess it's better than 20 inches of rain and 160 mph winds? ;)

Here- check this out and maybe you'll cool off?
Click ;)

laura said...

good ole jake! ;)

i won't tell you our weather. you will hate me. :P

hope it cools down soon - you should take lisa up on her offer of a visit!