Monday, July 16, 2007


Thought I'd give a quick recap while I sit here with a numb face. I went to my oral surgeon this afternoon and had the final stage of my dental implant put in. Now I have an OH SO attractive metal rod sticking out of my gums. nasty huh? This process took 3 surgeries (yes I'm calling todays event a surgery even though it was more like a procedure - but I'm not getting out of mommy duties tonight from a mere procedure, so SURGERY it is!) anyway, 12 months, 3 surgeries, over a week off of work, and 3 grand.. And now I'm left with a little metal rod...nice! 2000 more bucks and I can have my dentist put on a real-fake tooth. Some people won't spend 5 grand on their ENTIRE mouth in their LIFETIME. but not me. Thanks mom and dad for the shitty teeth :)

I'm feeling better about my friend's passing. Thanks for all the well wishes. His memorial service/party was Saturday night. I got all gussied up to go then couldn't find the damn place. Not sure where the hell it was. But Dann would have thought it funny that I got I'm cool with it.

Thanks to Kaelene, Peter and I were able to go see Harry Potter 5 on Sunday. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! read the books. GET INTO THIS!!! I love this story. Love Harry and every single character - yes even Snape. Until now I was not ready for this story to end. I was the only person not excited about book 7 coming out. I will miss Harry. But then I figured this author crafted such a brilliant story that she'll be able to wrap it up in a way that will have me feeling satified that Harry is 'gone'. Now I'll be at Walmart at midnight (with a gun) picking up my copy.

That's about all that's going on. Pulling an all nighter tonight. Big job that HAS HAS HAS to be done in the morning. Which remindes me, I need to work. :)


angieinpink said...

i think my entire mouth hurts after reading your post. Ow, sorry about that. myron & I can sympathize with expensive oral LAME, yet kinda critical.

i'm dying to get into harry. haven't yet, but i'm careful about who i tell that to because i have a few friends that would pretty much shoot me for not reading them yet! soon, i reckon.

love ya! ps...thanks for being on my side about simon...

Kerry said...

OH NO! Sorry about your mouth! ugh, that sucks!! Hopefully you got some good drugs from it at least!

I love Snape. He's so cool. I can't wait to read more of the books. I keep promising myself when school starts I'm going to complete them.

LOL about being at WalMart. Go to the one we used to go to so you can tell the floor buffing guy hello! Haha!

That is a cute story about your friend's memorial service. Knowing the kind of people you like to hang around, I'm sure he was up there just watching you and loving every minute of you being lost. He knows you tried.

Dust and Maddy said...

Geez -- 5 grand on teeth? OUCH!

Sorry you got lost, but I'm glad you found the humor.

And ACK! HP5. I've heard bad reviews on the movie, so I've figured it wasn't worht getting a sitter and going so stinking late at night that Sadie was asleep to go see it. I was planning on getting it when it was on DVD. Is it actually that good?

I'm so excited for the book. When you run down to Wal-mart, you want to pick up a copy for me?? You ARE planning on coming to scrap on Friday, aren't you?

Michelle said...

maddy...tOOth...not teeth UNO TOOTHO!!!

Yes, it's that good. I've no idea what anyone could not like about it.

Yes, I'll be there friday. Just rsvp'd :)