Tuesday, June 05, 2007

a lost photo

I felt like blogging but don't really have anything funny or even remotely interesting to talk about so I starting digging through some pictures. Ya know, just cuz blogs with pictures are fun and don't require thoughful text.(that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.)

I found this one of Kate. It's semi-oldish, taken May 11, so like 25 days old. Or is it 24? or would it 26? how many days are in May?? I can never remember. Bloody Hell! I took it last month! there! phew...

So anyway, this is a newish thing for her. She finds any sort of fabric to use as a blanket. Here it's a napkin but sometimes is a shirt, or the stupid armrest cover thing I thought I would have thrown away forever ago but never seem to get the guts to actually toss it. Anyway, it's rarely an actual blanket. So she gets her blankie and whatever baby is handy and covers her up and pats her back. Just like they do for naptime at daycare.

Try and tell me it's not the cutest thing ever!?! Go ahead, try! Told ya! You can't do it, huh? LOVE HER! (*I* left off intentionally, just for 2KDawg)


Kerry said...


She looks adorable!!!!!!!! I miss those baby doll days. Megan wouldn't leave the house without one, and ALWAYS had one in her arms. Man, this brought back memories.

Damn Michelle, now I'm going to cry. See? That was an emotional entry after all. Even though it was ME who is sitting here crying!!!

And I just realized while typing that, my voice was about 10 octaves higher.... like when you are really excited about something. All the dogs in my neighborhood are barking right now.

Lisa said...

love it!! love her! that is one doubly cute pic.

btw--may has 31 days!! ha ha

Dust and Maddy said...

Sooooo cute! Iove how she is just sitting there sucking her thumb. (see, I left out *I* too) YUM!

And the saying goes, "30 days has September, April June and November, all the rest have 31, except February -- DUH stupid!" Ok, I made the last part up.

Dust and Maddy said...

PS I noticed you put your links back! YEAY! And you can take Dustin off our blog title. I give him no credit other than setting it up 3 years ago -- that's why his name is in the url.

Michelle said...

Sure maddy - I fixed it for you. Check'em out :p

Shanna said...

That is THE sweetest photo EVER Michelle!!!!!

Hey! When are we gonna get our pedis??? Or did you already go without me?

Michelle said...

HELL NO I didn't go without you. Silly rabbit.

Whenever. Lord knows my feet need it. :)

And thanks! I love that pic too!

angieinpink said...

i love her & her cute dress to boot. way to have adorable offspring. love ya! oh, and ps...thanks for comment o' my blog post today. i needed that this morning. i appriciate you. the end.

Dust and Maddy said...


Michelle, you are such a brat! But I'm laughing hysterically.

Bite me ;p

Beth said...

Seriously cracking up at the links! :)

Suzanne Cummard said...

I stalked your link from Angie's.
I have not done an all nighter in ... well too long. But I did have so much fun when I'd go & you would be there to give an idea!
Just wanted to say that I LOVE that picture. Your kids are so cute. I can not believe you have 3 kid! CRAZY. (I need to catch up.) I love little girls & how girls want to be moms from day one! So cute!