Sunday, June 10, 2007

a little entertainment for ya

Okay, a VERY little bit of entertainment.

Sorry for the bad image. You'd think I'd take some time and learn how to take a good photo. But no. That's too. obvious.

So can you read the directions? In case you can't, here's what it says to do.

"We've dealt you a winning hand - but how fast can you find it? Five cards below form this cross pattern {oh crap can't draw the cross - check out the pic} but here's the trick: Each card has to have a difrerent symbol. Sound easy? Time yourself and see how you rate."

So try it. How long does it take ya'll??? I'm embarrassed to say how long it too me, so I'll wait until some of you chime in :)


Kerry said...

Haha! It took me less than a second because I saw this in the magazine earlier! ;)

And the first time I was so frustrated I cheated. :p

At least I got to feel smart this time around. I just couldn't get over the fact that the squiggly lines remind me of bacon strips. Yum.

Dust and Maddy said...

I am a genius! And I was on the phone!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff michelle! Tammi

Anonymous said...

You have a bunch of friends who are in the genius category . . . but then NONE of us has the brain of an engineer!!
OOh, ya, bacon . . . I'm hungry now!!