Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm too busy

geez, again I'm back here after over a week complaining about being busy and neglecting this place. I'm no busier than anyone else, I realize. I just don't handle it well, anymore.

Here's a quick list of what I've been up to.

1. getting quote after quote on book printing.
2. completely changing the program the book is written in. So re-writing it.
3. Costume shopping.
4. Harvest Festival as Noah's school
5. Halloween Party at Sarah's school
6. Church meetings on Monday nights (again)
7. football game on Saturday morning
8. Pretty much freaking out because there's not way I'll make CHA Winter. So essentially the book deadline has been pushed back to I don't know when.
9. oh yeah, and my job job. The one that pays me. :)

Gotta run.

OH YEAH. and orange crack doesn't work y'all. The food coloring does 'something' to the mix and makes the sugar stuff isn't cement. I actually threw the batch out. :) I did make oreo spiders for Sarah's party. They were super cute. I hope to post a picture soon.



Dust and Maddy said...

Sounds like you've been having fun at least in between the book stresses! Good luck!

And yum on the oreo spiders. I ate about a dozen of those on Sunday. I should never go see what Nate is doing in the Nursery again.

Kerry said...

Orange crack??? Hey, you never know without trying, but it sounds like it was a good idea!

I'm sure everybody totally understands....this has been a super busy month here too. Crazy. Absolutely crazy. I was just beginning to worry when I hadn't seen ANYTHING from Michelle (blog or emails) for so long! You know I worry! I'm the official worrier of the group huh? ;)

Happy halloween!

Beth said...

Orange crack was a no-go? Oh, that bites. :(

Lisa said...

don't go messin with the crack babe... :)

Shanna said...

i need some crack