Friday, October 20, 2006

my time to share

So Maddy just posted about how funny her kids are and it reminded me of a funny thing Noah said yesterday.

We're driving down Ray Road heading home after carpool pick-up when I get pulled over. Yea, it was fun. Flashing lights, changing lanes, pulling off the road, all with two of my kids and two of someone else's children. Not my proudest moment.

So I stop. The cop stops behind me and gets out. He's walking up to me SO DAMN SLOWLY I wondered if he was ever going to make it. It didn't help that I had an important meeting about the book in 25 minutes or that I really had to pee. That might have made time go slower. So anyway, he's strolling up, checking out the inside of the van, looking for smuggled mexicans or bags of rock cocaine I'm sure. I mean I fit that profile. As he's walking noah asks, rather loudly, "Is he going to shoot us!?"

NO! HONEY, he's not going to shoot us.

Then, in an even more stellar moment, he tells me he pulled me over because my tags where expired. like back in MARCH! hahahahahaaa yeah, I'm a dumb ass. THEN (YES, there's a then) he asks for proof of insurance. Don't you know it, I can't find it. I knew I couldn't either because I was looking for it the other day for the windor repair nazi guy at the carwash who wanted to fix that little ding in my windshield. So I can't find it. He tells me to keep looking while he goes back to him car.

"is he going to get handcuffs mommy?" ugh... (okay I laughed at this one)

He's gone forever...tick tick tick tick...gotta pee...gonna be late for my meeting. I can't find the stupid insurance card. I'm a loser, I realize. Write me that damn ticket already so I can be on my way. sheesh.

THEN, (yes another then) after I've given up looking and put everything back in my purse Noah asks, "So what happens if you can't find it mommy, are you going to go to jail?" NO jail today honey, you're stuck with me.

Okay so maybe you had to be there, the pressure on my bladder made it all seem urgent and funny. And since you're not sitting on the side of the road anxious to use the bathroom with a child who's afraid his mommy is going to the big house it might not be as funny. But to me it was a crack up!


Beth said...

At least you were laughing! The stress of being pulled over alone would have had me snapping at the first syllable uttered from any of my kids!

So- did ya get a ticket?
And dare I say "it" for having expired tags since freaking March?

Wait for it...




Michelle said...

I did get a ticket. hahahaaa
guess it's time to pony up eh?

and yeah. I deserve slacker on this one :) Peter thinks it's a crack up!

Dust and Maddy said...

That is sooooo funny! "Is he going to shoot us." Poor Noah must have been so worried.

And WOW! You got pulled over AGAIN? BWAHAHAHAHA! Sorry -- it's just funny that you got pulled over a week after going to traffic school.

Michelle said...

LOL maddy, But at least I wasn't speeding!!! LOL

Kerry said...

Well you know those Chandler cops. ;) Shoot first, ask questions later.

Ya know, it didn't dawn on me until I read Maddy's comment that this is your SECOND ticket!!! For some reason I didn't think that was allowed since you already got one this year. ;)

Man, sorry Michelle, that totally sucks, but Noah made me laugh!

Traffic school again? At least this time you will have all the answers. ;)

Michelle said...

nope. no traffic school. The insurance one will be dropped as I can prove that I did/do have insurance.

The other I'll just have to pay a fine.

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Lisa said...

you are so lucky you didn't have to do time in the pokey!! HA HA

well, i got pulled over--my plates had been expired over a year--i had put the wrong cars tags on--i was threatened with jail--only thing that got me off--it was my freakin' BIRTHDAY!!! lovely...