Tuesday, October 31, 2006

BOO! (I really titled this post BEFORE I read Beth's post)

Meet the rare 6 legged spider. Found only in the imagination of the crazy red-head at 1600 west they are a treat to look at and even better to eat. OKay well that's kinda of true. They didn't taste amazing, I'll admit. But then I'm not a fan of black licorice.

Here's the entire clan. They look happy don't they? In a crazy sort of way :)

Halloween tonight was a blast

Sarah was just too damn cute. This was the first time in the wig. Each time after (and there were many) it got a little funkier. But when you're three you can pull off a half-on hot pink wig :)

I wonder if I'll ever regret not spending a lot of time taking pictures of my kids in their costumes. Every year I plan on it. Every year I drag the camera to the party at daycare. And every year I end up with this picture. The excitement of it all just gets to me and I'd rather BE in the action than WATCH the action. So I'm left with these crappy pictures. Ah well....it is what it is.

They are pretty stinkin cute even if the picture bites!


Lisa said...

you know what--i do the same thing at halloween--not many pictures--but i am always having way too much fun! glad yours was good!

Shanna said...

Cute Michelle! I was feeling the same kind of guilt last night! Now I won't feel so bad posting my photos! LOL No really....yours are cute! Unlike mine!

Beth said...

So cute!

I think I've trained my kids into getting a good shot in as little time as possible. They know I'm going to make them pose until I get a good one, so they figured it would be over faster if they cooperate and give me what I want. So most of the smiles are fake and overdone but at least they're lined up and visible so we're all happy in the end. ;)

I loved that costume Kate has on, and I tried to convince Erin to be Stephanie with no luck- Sarah looks adorable and so grown up. And look at how tall Noah looks from that angle! Super cute!

Dust and Maddy said...

CUte spiders! And I hear you on the kid picture thing. I'll take pictures at the very beginning and then forget again until the end. By the end the kids are so exhausted they look pooped!

Kerry said...

I still think your pictures are cute! Hey, it's Halloween. They aren't exactly always in picture mode.

Those spiders are SO CUTE!! I think you should make the one of the entire spider family as your screensaver. They just make me happy to look at them with all those little eyes!!!

laura said...

sarah looks adorable!

and i love those spiders - i don't like licorice either, so the less of it, the better! ;)

Anonymous said...

I didn't take one photo this Halloween! Those spiders look so fun and your kids are adorable! Take care. Tammi

Beth said...