Thursday, September 14, 2006

there is no God

There simply can't be. I'm questioning everything after Lukas won last night. ;)

Let me just say this - ROCK STARS DO NOT WEAR LIP GLOSS.
seriously people, LIP GLOSS????? I won't even go into the full blown "all fashtionista" not-masculine-at-all make-up. I'll just leave y'all pondering the lip gloss.

Lukas living proof for all you card carrying aethists out ther that, in fact, there is no God. That, or He's tone deaf. :)


Lisa said...

WOO HOO!! Oh, i love lukas--he is awesome--his voice was incredible! i loved the lipgloss personally--don't you ever watch those rock bands? total makeup and girly outfits is what makes them!!!

oh, btw--firm believer in the man upstairs! :)

Michelle said...

yeah but you like the humbug suckers...that's how much taste you have!


Lisa said...

and btw--they discontinued them!! boo hoo--i was looking for my humdinger sucker and it was no more!

well, i will not argue that my taste is a little wonky--however i was not alone in thinking Lukas was awesome!! since he was the one that WON!