Monday, September 11, 2006


WOW! Was that fun and exhausting and exciting and informative and fun and fun and fun.

Creative Escape rocked people. simply rocked. If you are even remotely thinking of going next year - DO IT. sign up now! You will NOT be disappointed.

Before I break it down I owe Beth a HUGE thank you for taking Kate for 2 days!!!!!!! COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU GIRL!!!! thanks :)

I was there as a volunteer. I was called a "floater" NOT THAT KIND you sickos! I 'floated' with the group I was assigned to - the Petunias. THEY KICKED ASS! more on that later. Along with being with them during their 8 classes over friday and saturday I ran (along with Janna!) a booth at Thursday, assisted a secret class and a mini class on Friday, and was just pretty much 'on' the entire time to help people with whatever they needed help with.

It was exhausting. There at 7am. working non-stop until 11:30pm and doing it again. e.x.h.a.u.s.t.i.n.g. My feet still hurt. But it was SO worth it.

Why was it worth it? 3 reasons:

1. My group. The Petunia Group. The best group there! They were easy going, sarcastic, funny, smart and overall chill women. They 'got' me and Amy (my companion floater LOL) We all hit it off right away and things just kept getting better and better. Had it not been for them I might have a completely different take on the whole thing.

2. Heidi Swapp. She just as much of a kick ass a person as she seems she'd be. But real. There's nothing fake about her. I didn't spend much time one on one with her, naturally, as people were pulling all of us in every direction possible. But I'll never forget hanging with her before her class, assisting her and just learning from her.

3. Stacy Julian. She was the Keynote speaker. I've seen her many times and every time I'm left feeling stronger and better and even prettier than before. It's hard to explain what she's got. But she's got it, that's for sure. I'm left not wanting to be her (which happens to me so often when I'm around super cool chics) but wanting more to be me. Feeling more comfortable in my own skin. Now's THAT'S a motivational speaker!

I can't explain, really, the levels of goodness that went on this weekend. There were so many great things. But the single greatest moment for me (besides single handedly calming down 18 very angry women during one class - or tracking down the gold heart pin one lady lost) was sitting in the back of the Ballroom and having 600 women give us, the volunteers, a standing ovation. The moment made me cry then, and is making me cry now. THAT SINGLE MOMENT made up for every pissed off person I dealt with, all the blisters on my feet, every hour I didn't get to sleep. In that moment I realized, "HELL YEAH I'd do this again"


Shanna said...

That WAS an amazing moment! You rock girl!

Kerry said...

It sounds like it was a great weekend! Lots of work, but I'm glad you still had a fun time!

I saw some of the projects yesterday, and heard about all of the goodies!! And food?!?! No $6 frozen sandwiches?!?!

I'm sure everybody had a great time.

Beth said...

Yeah; it was such a pain in the neck to watch your bratty kid... ;)

Seriously- except for having to be mentally "on" all the time, she's easier to take care of than my own three. I can see why you haven't pushed too hard for an opening at daycare. She's such a good little kid, it would almost be a waste of money to shovel out each week!

Thanks for the weekend update! Sooo glad you had a good time!

Lisa said...

so fun to see you there--you are dead on about heidi and stacy! talented and real!!!! that was one fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

WOW, what a time. I am now more determined than ever to hear Stacy J. talk LIVE! Thanks for the GREAT run down of the weekend sounds worth IT! Tammi