Monday, September 18, 2006

going under

Going under 'the knife' this morning. Having the second of three surgeries on my tooth. This is the part where they...umm....put the implant part in my bone. I'd get more detailed - I'd planned on it even - but they have me on valium to...well...have you relaxed I suppose.

I'd say it doesn't work but this little entry has already taken like 10 minutes to write. With pausing and thinking and thinking some more and type a bit things aren't moving at break neck speed.

me likey valium.

I seriously can see how easy it would be to get hooked on this shit. It's pretty damn cool. I have 4 pills. four.teeeeny pills. hahahahaa With only 4 I think the risk of me needing to go on "intervention" is low. But damn, if they actually filled the big ole bottle I'd be set for life (or for the week knowing my obessivenesscisity) yeah. valium is fun.

bye bye now bye bye ...yes. I'm waving. with this floppy hand kind of wave. :)

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Lisa said...

me likey valium. me love valium long time! :)