Saturday, September 02, 2006

it's (nearly) all done!!!

WOW. Busy 2 weeks. That was a lot of work. But the really fun kind of work. I had a blast purging and organizing and painting and accessorizing :) All on a modest budget too! :)

What you've all been waiting for ( LOL :) ) before and afters.

here is the before from the door. I'm ashamed to admit it really did look like this. I didn't stage it for a more dramatic after picture. And it wasn't like like for like a week. More like a YEAR. embarrassing...but true.

and here is the after from the door

from the door but turned a bit to see the "work horse" bookcase. Everything I need to actually get a page done is here. (well except my Crop N Style that lives under that table.

This the before looking from the window/closet

And this is the after from the window/closet

A close up of the newly painted shelf unit thing. It used to be a distress yello with drawers. I pulled out the drawers, painted in brown, and added the clear containers and all the M's. I simply love it.

Before looking into the closet

And the after looking into the closet. The doors have always been off but I added a curtain to cover. My TV is in there, all my scrapbooks, and other long term storage stuff. The curtain is actually 2 tableclothes I found at Target.

This is a peek into the closet. Lots more in here but nothing super exciting or pretty LOL

Here is the bookcase behind me. from top to bottom. What I love about this is everything I use is within reach. All the embellishements are contained in baskets with handles. I did this so when I go to big crops (not at the store) I can just pull the baskets off the shelf and go. No need to 'pack'.

This is what's to my right from where I sit. Have to put pictures in ALL the photos in the room. That's one of the things left to do. All my tools are in the clear drawers under the counter. I love that I don't have to get up to get anything.

and LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST. my nearly-very-favorite-thing-of-all-time addition to my room. The new bookcase. This is my 'pretty, mostly useless" bookcase. From top to bottom.

Well that's pretty much it. I love it.


Stephanie Jedlicka said...

Holy cow!! When it comes time for me to organize my room I'm coming to you! This looks amazing!

Tara in AZ said...

Wow!!! Did you organize everything or what!!! Your room looks great, kinda makes me think I should tackle my mess of a craft room.

Kerry said...

Wow Michelle! That looks incredible! You will love it, and I know you will spend time in there.

That is the same bookcase my MIL got at Costco! It is gorgeous!!! It looks perfect in that room!

OK, what did you do with that comfy teal chair though? ;) I loved that thing!

Tina said...

It looks great! Happy scrapping!

laura said...

wow michelle - that is too cool! i love it! :)

Beth said...

It looks even cooler in person! Awesome job, Michelle! :)

scrapmom4 said...

I love it! The befores and afters are awesome. I've got some dramatic before scenes in my house right now...I ought to take pictures, lol!