Saturday, September 02, 2006

my storage solutions

Got a couple questions about how I store my stuff so here goes. From biggest to smallest.

This is one of those rolling carts Costco had for a while. Each box has a lid (which is a little wonky if you ask me) You need to pull the entire box all the way out to get inside. Honestly, this isn't the most ideal storage but it's the best I've found so far. To bad Costco doesn't have them anymore :( SORRY! They do sell the individual boxes at Michael's

This is a fishing tackle box from Walmart. Not sure if they still carry them. I've had mine for a while. They are GREAT. They come is two sizes. This is the big one. It's like 14 bucks. The small one is around 8. Crazy good deal. I store my ribbon in one box (yes that's 4 trays of ribbon) and I put my small font stamps in another. These rock!

These are little craft boxes also from Walmart. They are found in the craft department. They are super cheep - like 3 bucks I think. One problem with them, the lid NEVER stays on or unbroken. I've accepted that I just put a rubber band around each one, whether it's broken or not! LOL There is an added benefit with the rubber bands in that they keep them from sliding around too much in my basket (when I travel)

These are fun. They are by Craftmate. They used to have them at my LSS but now I have to get them online. A little spendy at 28 bucks but they hold a TON. I LOVE the individual lids that always work. I have 3 of these and would use them for everything if they had different sizes. I get them online now at CreateforLess

My all time favorite I think. I still totally owe my dear friend
Kerry for making me risk my life by going to Walmart to pick these up. THANKS GIRL! They are little tic tac boxes. There are 24 little boxes all contained in one box. I do have the same problem with the lids as the other plastic boxes but just do the rubber band thing. Each box will holds a ton a little brads, like 2 packages (100 brads) I'm always amazed how perfect they are. and these too are cheap - like 6 bucks!!! It's totally worth the risk of venturing into Wally World LOL


Lisa said...

great ideas and storage. you can still buy those rolling white carts at Costco in Prescott. i just bought another one the other day. also those craftmate storage things are here at my lss. they also have a huge one that is way nice! Who knew that my little town would have anything!! :)yeah--gotta love k-dog for turning everyone on to the tic-tac boxes!

Michelle said...


I'm emailing you!!! LOL

karen said...

your room and goodies are awesome!

I love my ribbon box beth and kerry got me!

Kerry said...

LOL about risking your life at WalMart. I still have nightmares about that floor buffing guy chasing us.

Plus I had to laugh about the lids on the small organizing things! Those suck don't they? If the boxes weren't perfect for storage, I would throw them away....but alas, I have rubber bands around mine too.

Dust and Maddy said...

show off ;)