Tuesday, September 19, 2006

well that went well

first day back from oral surgery. Looks like I stuck a golf ball in my right check. The painkillers are good though...the proof is that it look much to long for me to remember which cheek "that side" was. I literally had to loook at my hands! LOL

On a completely different note, I'm a little bummed. I went to ali's blog for a quick read and saw this:

5. And the new Bob Dylan is good.

yeah...more proof she and I have almost nothing in commom personality wise. That's not bad mind you, we are all different. And maybe it's not fair judging the new Bob Dyla, as I haven't heard it. Shit, I didn't even know they guy was still alive. But I've never heard a single thing from him I liked. aw well...diiiiiferrrrrrrrent stooooooookes forrrrrrrrrrrr diiiiiferrrrrrrrrrrent foooooooolk. (that's me on drugs doing bob (probably on drugs) hahaha)

okya, I'm done being polictially incorrect. Off to bed.


Kerry said...

I hate when my blog thingie doesn't tell me that there was an update! Grr!

Holy cow! I didn't know you were having more work done on your mouth already!! OUCH! Thank goodness for some good painkillers. (Judging by your Bob Dylan impersonation, I can tell they are pretty dang gooood!)

(I didn't know he was still alive either!! LOL!)

Hang in there and get some rest!

Lisa said...

i think i sort of like one of his songs--something to do with blue--maybe if you listened to it while on the valium you would like it! ;)

glad surgery went well!

Beth said...

Whoa- those look like some good drugs to me! :)
Hope you're back to 'normal' soon...