Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Holy crap, I'm ready to go back to work

Ya know how when you go on vacation and you need to take a vacation from your vacation? Like a vacation from yourself? Well...that's not what's going on here.

I'm exhausted but not because we went on vacation. But because I'm doing this taking-care-of-things thing in my house and mind and it's exhausting. Honestly, I thought I'd feel better. LIke lighter or something. Like a load as been taken off my shoulders. Alls I really feel is tired and ready to go back to work.

Here's a run down on my weekend.

1. Did 2 scrapbook pages. One is posted below.
2. Designed the 4 cards for Everything Embossed ont he 22nd.
3. Handled the current bills and set up all my bills/payments in my palm.

1. Cleaned out my closet. 3 bags of trash, 3 bags to Goodwill.
3. Cleaned up Noah's room form the mess that Sarah made in there while Noah was with Grandpa.
4. Picked up Noah from the airport.

1. Cleaned otu the garage. 1 truckload to Dump. 2 truckloads to Goodwill.
2. Changed out the rugs in my family room and living room to the huge, GORGEOUS asian rugs I found at Craiglist, rearranged as necessary.
4. Reorganized the kid's toys in the living room. Another Bag to Goodwill.
5. Cleaned out Sarah's room. Another bag to Goodwill.
6. Took a swim with the family where Sarah got stung by a bee. She's not allergic. Good to know :)
7. Made a pan of brownies and ate half while I stayed up till midnight cleaning up the destroyed house from all the moving stuff about.

1. Met with the Loan guy.
2. Started on the old mail and bills. (2 bags to recycle bin)
3. Sorted all the outstanding medical bills (this was huge)
4. Did sarah's room again because my children sometimes act as if they are satan spawn and completely destroyed it in less than 12 hours.
5. Updated Palm with new obligations found while doing step #2.
6. Watched Nanny McPhee on PPV. cute!

1. Reoragized personal files (bag to recycle bin) in office.
2. Cleaned Sarah's room AGAIN. I may go crazy with this one.
3. Tried to take a nap.

That's it. That was my weekend. I'd show you pictures but that little landscape button doesn't seem to be working for me dang-nabbit!

Anyway. Hope y'all had a nice restfull holiday weekend :)


Lisa said...

holy hell I'm tired just from reading that! good for you!!! I hear ya on the perpetual cleaning of a child's room--trust me--just wait till there 18 and gone before you attempt that again! :)

Kerry said...

Hahaha! i was going to say the same thing as Lisa!! I was holding my breath while I was reading your list, and couldn't wait to exhale!!

LOVE that new rug!! Or both rather!!! OMG how do you find those things?? (hours and hours on craigslist huh?) ;)

Super cute pictures, but I am missing the pages that you did!! We want to seeeeeee!

Kerry said...

Oh and about cleaning a child's room...

Megan told us at dinner the other night that she wishes she had a genie so she could wish that she wouldn't have to clean her room all the time.

Hahahaha! *poof!* there's MOMMY!! What does she mean that she has to clean it ALLLLLL the time?!?!?!?

I agree with Lisa. Wait until they are 18 and moved out. ;)