Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The image thing is working now. go figure. Here are some pictures from my weekend.

Here are the sunflowers Peter got me. The are super cool in real life, in this picture? not so much. I need to work on my still lifes.

This is the 'new' rug in the family room.

And this is the big one for the living room - simply love these!!!

And finally the kids all at the counter. We moved Kate from the high chair to this cute little booster seat to keep her away from the new rugs LOL An unexpected bonus on how damn cute they look all lined up like that. :)

Oh hell, this one is too cute not to post. Ignore the flower growing out of Noah's head. I completely messed that one up.


Lisa said...

love those rugs!! the kids are pretty cute too!

karen said...

those are great & I love the rug!!!

Kerry said...

Your rooms look like they should be in a catalog! LOVE those rugs!

I love the pictures of the kids. Sarah looks so much like you it is scary. Mini Michelle! And Kate looks so big sitting between big brother and big sister! Awwww.