Friday, June 30, 2006

here's my take

I took challenge Kerry's ad challange and came up with this:

from this:

Not as cute as Lisa's which is truly amazing and what inspired me to do this challenge.

Nor is it as cute as Beth's which is just too dang fun!

But it's mine. Pulled from the tag line and patterns. Picture is a little funky and off, I should have spent more time making sure it was right, but I'm lazy :)

Thanks Kerry!! Now where's YOUR page??????


Kerry said...

Oh my gosh! That is SOOOO the paper I was going to use! LOL! Oh well, I guess since they are going in seperate albums that is ok huh?

Love this Michelle! I love the words on the top. I have said that about a million times to my kids as well!! That is perfect! I love the scalloped edges along the bottom too with the ribbon!! SOOOO CUTE! - Man, I am so glad I ripped that ad out of the doctor's office magazine that day! Everybody has come up with really cool pages from it!!

(Speaking of, since I am going back to that doctor today, I am taking the magazine back. I don't want to be considered a theif! Hee hee!) Except the ad, nobody will miss the ad.

LOVE what everybody has done! This is so cool, and now we need to figure out who is going to find the next ad! Well...that and I guess this means I have to do my page. Although it is kind of scary to think about it now that I have seen everybody else's pages, know what I mean?

Dang, I am chatty today. Does this thing allow this many words before it gets cut off? I guess so, because it just keeps going on and on and on....and on again...and again...

Kerry - who will not shut up.

Lisa said...

That paper is perfect! I kind of thought it was what Kerry was thinking of. love that title!! way, way too cute!

Kerry said...

Oops. I mean separate. I really can spell, I was just typing fast, and for some reason I can't edit my post.

I don't know why I am worried about that....I'm just weird today.

Michelle said...

sorry I stole your paper (okay I'm not but I'm being polite! LOL)

I bought a bunch of 'sets' (printed papers with coordinating cardstock) of paper a couple weeks ago and that was one of them. It was perfect.

I'll let you use it Kerry. Big of me huh? (did I just call myself fat???????)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, love that page. That peach and broen combo really gets me gooey inside. Love it! HAve a GREAT 4th of JUly.. Tammi

Beth said...

Good gosh, Kerry- lay off the Coke, ok? You seem a little hyper. ;)

Love the page, Michelle! The paper is perfect!

Kerry said...

Hmmm. Moi? Lay off the coke?? Hyper??? Oh pshaw. ;)

Gee Michelle, I don't know if there is room for TWO people to use the same paper! OH MY GOSH! And I don't see it as stealing anything...I just think that great minds think alike. That is the theory that I am going with!

Now WHERE did I put my soda?!?!?!?!?!?!

Lisa said...

you sure Kerry is drinking coke and not snorting it???

Anonymous said...

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