Monday, June 19, 2006

Say HI to Noah

Here's my boy! Say HI to him would ya??? He'd love it.
I'm going to email my dad and have Noah check out the blog. I know he's get a kick out of some comments directly to him :)

LOVE YOU NOAH!!!! Posted by Picasa


Beth said...

Hi, Noah!
When you get back, Ryan wants you to come play PS2 with him. :)

Kerry said...

Hi Noah! I hope you are having fun!!

What have you been doing on your trip?

Dust and Maddy said...

Hey Noah! Hope you are having a great time with your Grandpa!!!

Michelle said...

Hey Noah,
Do you know who all these people are saying HI to you?

The first one is Miss Beth. She's Ryan, and Meghan and Erin's Mommy. She was over Saturday morning and I took pictures of them? Remember that?

The second is Miss Kerry. She was over Saturday morning too with her kids, Megan, Trevor and Matthew.

The third is Miss Maddy. It's been a while since you've seen her. She's been over to our house when everyone comes over to scrapbook at our house. You haven't played with her kids (yet) She's got a little girl a year older than Sarah. Her name is Ellie. She's also got a little boy just a little bit older than Kate. His name is Nate. HEY! KATE...NATE. That rhymes. ;)

If you want to leave a message you can do that. Have grandpa help you. You don't have to "sign on" or anything. Just write your name at the end of your writing. We'll know it's from you.

I do hope you are reading this. I miss you. And love you.


Lisa said...

Noah--you are way too cute and your mom is a load of fun! Hope you are having fun with your grandpa!

Cherry Moon said...

No noo noooooo that canNOT be baby Noah. There's no way!

Holy crap... is that really him??

MICHELLE!!! I can't believe how big and grown he looks now!

So cute.

Oh, and HIIIIIII NOAH! Meeko loves to play PS2, and he also likes to drive me crazy because he likes to play the drums.

Oh my gosh, i'm venting.

Anyway... Noah, you're adorable. ;)

RJ Wannabe said...

Hey Noah,

Watch out for those girls...they're gonna cause lots of trouble! Have a great summer.

Mike - the non-english blogging pilot wannabe.

Kerry said...

Hi again Noah!!

I just had to pop on and say hello again today.

Are you having fun?

What grade are you going to be in next year? Second? Wow! That is really cool! Second grade was fun. I hope you have a nice teacher. Have fun this summer. <---- that is from Megan.

Michelle said...

well I guess Noah isn't going to post. I know he read this yesterday and he said "hi" to y'all. :) Thanks for taking the time to say hi to him!

Anonymous said...

Hi Noah, yOu sure do look handsome. I hope your having fun with Grandpa..Tammi