Sunday, June 18, 2006

he's gone :(

Ya know, I know I joke about my kids. About how loud they are. About how messy they are. About how much utterly exhausting they are. But dang I love them.

It's day 2 that noah's been gone. He's with his grandpa for 2 weeks. (Thanks daddy!) It's so weird not having him here tonight. He's gone every other week at his Dad's so yesterday and today weren't too wierd. But by the time 6:30pm hit (his normal return time) things started feeling funky. And now it's 10:00 pm and this house feels so damn empty.

We emailed eachother this morning, which is fun. He's typing them out himself and only asking for some spelling help. This is his first email. got it first thing this morning. What a nice way to wake up.

"I love you I want to write about my new camera it can’t take very good picture outside but it can take good pictures inside. I love you so much.


I was feeling good. Then I got this one:

"I love too. I hope you have a grate morning too and I love you so much. That I can’t stop crying because I miss You so much that I can’t stop crying on the computer because I miss you so much I cry every day I hope You miss me too.


okay, who's crying?!?!? dude seriously, that's....tough.

Then I got an email from my dad. It made me feel better.
"....I think he’s exaggerating a bit about the crying. When we got done reading at bedtime last night I could tell he was feeling homesick; the lip thing. We talked about it and I told him it was okay to feel sad that Mom wasn’t here. He may be feeling like crying but isn’t showing it....."

I still had to call :) He's fine. Mommy? Well, I will be, in 2 weeks! Then I'll yelling at him to stop throwing the ball in the house and to stop jumping on the furniture....just as it should be :)


Kerry said...

Ugh. I know what you mean. Even if one of mine is gone overnight, the house just doesn't feel 'right.'

That is so dang cute that you are emailing each other though. That has to help both of you.

He will have fun, and he will be home before you know it. Like you said...then you'll be back to yelling about jumping on the furniture. LOL!

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest e-mail ever. He will probably be good at writing the ladies LOVE NOTES! Take care, Tammi

Lisa said...

so sweet!!! that email needs to be on a layout!!!

Dust and Maddy said...

Awww, that's so sweet. I wish I were missing my kids right now. . .

Michelle said...

LOL @ maddy

Cherry Moon said...

You know... there comes a point where you seriously CALL relatives to see when the kids can go for a visit. LOL!

Sareena will be going to CA for a week to spend time with her godparents... so there goes the teen drama.

Meeko has been with my parents for the past 2 weeks... so there goes the constant sounds of "MEEEEEEeeeeeKOOOooo!" coming from his sisters.

Avelina has been going to ballet school and other dance classes, so she's sometimes gone for 6 hours at a time...

and then Mikayla. Well.. there's just no getting rid of that child. *LOL*

Hey, Vanesa and Marcus just got back from South Africa. How's THAT for a vacation without the kids?