Thursday, June 22, 2006

day one

It's a ground breaking day in our house tonight. It's day one of having sarah and kate sleeping in the same room. Sarah has been in the guest bed for about a week now. Seeing as she could easily climb out of her crib it made no sense to try to keep her in it. And she's ready for a real bed. It's me who's not ready.

I can't say I'm happy about her being out of the crib. Not because I'm sad she's growing up. Not at all that. It's because there's no more sleeping in for me. Turns out this girl wakes up as early as Noah does (grrreat). I didn't really know that because she would hang out and just play in her crib. She'd play, fall back asleep, play some more, sing and so on. She'd RARELY cry to be pulled out of bed. aah....those were the days.

Seeing as I'm going to lose my mornings in bed I might as well regain my scrapbook room. So Kate's getting moved into Sarah's crib ( were right Beth. I don't need your crib) That's going to free up the scrapbook room. Not that I'm going to scrap in there but at least I'll be able to go in there and work/clean/organize/stash stuff without waking her up.

So far it's not going so well. It's 9:05. Both are still awake. I put them each in their own room to fall asleep at 7:30. The plan was to move Kate when both were asleep. Yeah, didn't work. Kate woke right up and screamed her head off, which naturally, woke up Sarah. Now they are both wide awake and excited to see eachother.

I finally got Sarah to stop turning on the light and locking the door. Now they are just in there babbling at eachother and playing with blocks. All in all I suppose it could be worse. I mean it's really not going to hurt them or me if they are awake in there. My concern is really when my day will begin. It should be interesting.

Wish me luck :)

***** update ****
9:55 - After finding Sarah IN the crib with Kate, nakid, they are both quiet. Awake, but quiet. And at least on their own beds and dressed. Sarah took her pull off because she was wet (ugh - but that's another whole saga). Who knew she could get in the crib??? Girlz got skillz.

***** update ****
11:00 - Found Sarah in the crib again. The two had been awake but at least in bed. we'd had enough after sarah being in the crib again so we put Kate back in her room. We'll try again tomorrow. aw well...


K said...

It gets better. I can't even remember the first night of putting the boys together in the same room. Funny how you forget all that stuff as years go by. But everything is totally cool now.

They'll love having each other's company. AND yay for getting your scrapbook room back!!!

Dust and Maddy said...

Oooooh! That does not sound like fun. Good luck undertaking this. It will happen!!!!! I just think you'll have to put up with a few nights of torture.

Lisa said...

it takes a while to work out. eventually after a few nights of torture (for you!) it ends up being pretty good. good luck!

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK! I have no control over my house. So I like it when I see people take charge. Tammi

Kerry said...

Uh oh. I beginning to worry since you haven't updated you blog in a few days. Are you getting any sleep over there??? LOL!

Sarah and nice to your mommy who loves you!

Beth said...

You need to show this post to anyone who has baby fever. It'll nip it in the bud real quick! ;)