Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"the manifestation of our mind"

I'm addicted to reality TV. Love the crap. Just love it. Peter is totally confused by this. He'll sit behind me on the computer while one of my mindless shows (like "The Real World") is one and just shake his head at me. About every month of so he'll say to me, "You know Michelle, I just don't understand. You are a very intelligent person who's amazing beauty and keen sense of humor far exceeds everyone around you. (well maybe I hear that part) LOL I just don't get how you can watch this crap?"

He's right, it's dribble. But I like it. What I don't get is why HE can watch Mothra vs Godzilla (yes it's literally a huge moth - yeah you got it - THE BUG) and think that's "okay" but I watch real people making asses of themselves and I'm somehow 'touched' hahaa

So anyway, I wasn't going to talk about all that. I was going to talk about one of my favorite shows right now, Run's House It's the dude from RunDMC 'back in the day'. He's like a record guy and a preacher or something, I dunno, they really don't talk about what he does. aaaaaaaaaanyway, during one of the shows he's all hell bent on cleaning out the pool house. I can see why too because it's all packed to the rafters with crap. Mattresses. Boxes of Oprah Magazines. Pogo Sticks. The pool toys. You get it.

He's getting on his wife about it and as he swings his arm around pointing to the open door of the pool house he says, "this is the manifestation of our mind"


It's like lightning hit me. That's what my mind looks like. Piled high with crap I don't need. Stuff I don't think I can get rid of. All that is burying the stuff I do need. I have to wade through all those boxes and mattresses to get to the good stuff. Imagine that for a minute. Needing to get past all that crap to get to the stuff that you need.

Well no more. I'm done with it. BUH-BY old crap I don't need. BUH-BY piles I have to walk over, or around, or through. I'm over you. Both literally and figuratively. I'm done with you. I need to
FREE MY MIIIND AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW! (okay yes, I did just go into EnVogue lol mybad.

Here's the deal I made with myself. No more "I'll do it later"s. No more putting crap off so long that I can't remember who and what I've put off. I'm taking the next few months (and yes I do think this will take MONTHS) to rid my mind of the clutter. To set up systems and boundaries for myself so I cannot fail with the everyday things I need to do. To either give away or throw away the crap that I haven't used. Even if I think I might use it someday.

To handle things.
To get things handled.
To make things work.

I can no longer handle putting things off. Forgetting things. Playing catch up with things. I just can't do it anymore.

and it will be good. :)


Beth said...

So does this mean you're giving up crap tv? I sure hope not since it's an excellent topic for conversation at crops...

Good luck with your crap cleaning! It sounds like a very big project- bwahahaha! ;)

Michelle said...

smart ass!

and hell no. Crap TV's not going. That's just CRAZY talk! LOL

Lisa said...

is the crap in your mind going or just the stuff in your house? I'm confused. but that's normal! It sounds like a good plan. i just cleaned up my older girls' room while they were in Cali--let's just say it's ok to let a few swear words fly while you clean up the crap!

oh yeah--reality tv bites! but so does mothra!! HA HA

Lisa said...

on a totally random note and this is a "random" blog--your favorite book is "the fountainhead?" seriously? you just went up a notch baby! How can you like "so you can dance" and a book as deep as "the fountainhead"? you blow my mind!

karen said...

I decluttered my whole house this week and I love it!

Keep Crap TV!!!

Michelle said...

If I could eat a book it would be "The Fountainhead." I loved every second of reading that book. I read every single word...including the published dates and copywrite info LOL

OH! And I must be the crappiest writer ever because this whole decluttering thing is so confusing. I really am decluttering BOTH my mind and my house. But mostly my mind actually.

It's a mess up there. I can't keep anything straight. I struggle with simple things. I make mistakes I shouldn't make. It needs cleansed.

The house is a part of the whole thing because it, I'm thinking, is part of the cause for my struggles. I don't need closets full of blankets that I might use someday. I don't need all this crap around just in case I need it someday. I am clearing it out because seeing all this crap is hurting my head.

so there, I hope that clears that up. But if it doesn't I realize I look even kookier than before ;)

Lisa said...

oh--i love the fountainhead too--I think toohey is oprah. just the whole masses flock to whatever they say. i always heard they were going to make it into a movie with brad pitt. a girl can dream!