Sunday, June 18, 2006

it's been two weeks already

just after Kate turned 14 months she started walking. She finally figured it out.
I shouldn't say finally like we've been working on it. It's funny how multilple kids work. With your first you start working with your baby on day one. They can't sit up, crawl, walk, run fast enough. With your second you start early, but not too early because you realize they really do figure it out all on their own. With the third it's more like, "no kiddo, don't worry about walking. It's overrated. you don't need to do it." I fear what I would do if I had another. I'd probably strap em down! Good think we're stopped at 3 eh?


Seriously though, she's the cutest thing ever. Unfortunately, like every baby, she pretty much sucks at not walking into things. wait. Rephrase. She's pretty damn good at walking into things. And falling on her head, she's good at that too.

Let's look at her right now, shall we? She's got 2 rather large bumps on her head. They are pretty colors too. One is an bright shade of redish/purple. Smack dab right in the middle of her forhead. That one's from yesterday. The second is off to the side and more of a light, translucent shade of green from mid last week sometime. Can't remember exactly when. Poor baby. This wouldn't happen if she just stuck with crawling! LOL

Such is life. I'd better get to learning photoshop :) Wouldn't want to have those bruises in any enlargements!!! Posted by Picasa


Dust and Maddy said...

So cute! Look at how careful she is trying to be. If only it paid off!

I actually prefer walking to crawling. When they crawl they get so dirty.

Lisa said...

i love it when they start walking. like a drunk sailor trying to get back to the port. she looks too cute!!!