Thursday, September 08, 2005

and I was all set to yell at him

Had a morning. Really it was the kind I'd expected, while I was expecting, to have every morning. I haven't had many those. We've gotten into pretty good routine, morning wise, so - believe it or not - it's pretty orderly here first thing.

Today wasn't like that however. Started off with Peter waking up a little late. That throws everything off. Mainly because when he's late, I'm a little late. He also pulls the, "I've got to get off to work NOW" card, which I hate. The few things (okay the one thing) he does in the morning to help, which is to get Noah's cereal going, doesn't get done. Or well it gets done, just not by him. Can you guess who does it? ***waving*** yeah, that would be me. Not only is he bookin' outta here he asks if I can drop his drycleaning off. He's too busy. I'm slightly annoyed but hey, I suck it up and agree. This isn't a big thing right? nah.

It also throws Noah off a little when we wake up late. Not completely sure why. Though I suspect it's because Peter and I are both cranky and he feeds off that. So now he's giving me a hard time. "these shoes are uncomfortable" (turns out one was the wrong size HAHAHAA) "I don't want my hair spiked", "I don't know where I left my lunchbox" ERR!

Carpool finally comes and he's off. phew! Things are easy from here on out. Usually. The girls, without the energy and distraction of the boy, are easy.

uh huh...

I take a shower. Do my face and hair as per usual. It's all good. Kate's awake. Actually has been since before Peter. She's hangin in the swing. Still good.

Then I enter...Sarah's room. yeah...things go south from here on out.

Have I mentioned Sarah's newest 'thing'? Don't think I have. NO! I have. The thing were she gets all nekid in the morning! That thing. Remember it? yeeeeah......well it happened. Being without her clothes colided with a bowel movement.


2 baths, 2 washclothes, and 20 minutes later - she's clean. Yeah, that was fun.

Meanwhile, Kate's totally pissed off and screaming at me when peter calls. "can't talk now, sarah played in her crap. It's all over. Kate's mad, I'll call you back!" click. Then I can't find the Sarah's new medicine. ERR!!

I'd really been okay until now. I had. I wasn't only slightly annoyed with Peter about the dry cleaning and the cereal thing. I'd planned on mentioning to him about how my work day is just as important as his and just because he's late that I shouldn't be expected to do what normally he does. But not finding the medicine just did it for me. Now I'm angry. So is Kate, who is still screaming bloody murder.

I call Peter, "WHERE THE MEDICINE?!", Poor him. "in the fridge." "NO IT'S NOT", "It should be, it was there this morning." (he's all calm - me not so much) "THAT WAS THE SCHOOL MEDICINE!!", "no, it's in there"

it's in there. whoops. "yeah, okay it is. sorry, gotta run"

I'm able to wrap up the morning. I get Sarah to school. Drop of the dry cleaning. Feed Kate. Put her down. Now I'm ready to call Peter. Remember, I'd planned on talking to him about wisking out of here when he's late. Now I just needed to include a prelude of, "I'm sorry I freaked about the medicine" before our chat. I'm set to go. This will be good.

Ring, He picks up, "hey babe, (got caller ID at work) you've had a mornin' eh?"
Me, "yeah"
Him, "I'm not even going to ask how the kids were. How bad's the room"
Me, "oh eek, I didn't even have the energy to look. But I think it was mostly on her"
Him, "okay well I'll clean it when I get home"
Me, "cool, thanks. Hey? I'm sorry I blew up at you about the medicine"
Him. "OH NO! It's totally fine!! don't give that a second thought. I would have been WAY worse than that. Your were totally fine!!! I understand. You've had quite a morning, and it's not even 9 yet"

aaaaaaaawwwww..... and DRAT! How can I be mad now?!!?

Funny, how we (or maybe just me) need validation. That's what it came down to. Being acknowledged for having too much to do, and still doing it.

It's all good. :)


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Dust and Maddy said...

Awwwwww, that was sweet of him!

And your morning was bad! I thought mine was bad (long story but it involved forgetting to do Ellie's homework and trying to trace and cut her body out of a large piece of butcher paper with Nate crawling all over her) but anything with poop automatically trumps that! That's pretty rotten. Glad you can laugh about it.