Friday, September 09, 2005

what is she thinking?!?!

Do you ever wonder WTH people are thinking when they same/do something? Oh, dumb question, I know you do. This story (rant) is about someone who's clearly not getting it.

As an electrical designer, one of my jobs is to design lighting and control systems for lighting. One of my big jobs, which hasn't been going smoothly for many reasons, is REALLY behind schedule. It's a big fancy gold clubhouse building for the uber rich in California. We're pluggin away on this job when the architect (in the middle/end of the job) to hire a lighting designer. AHEM! okay THAT'S MY JOB!

Great! So now I have to try and coordinate with this lady, We'll call her "J". Well we're still plugging away but I'm not getting any information from J. This is holding me up and I have to stop work on the job. I write emails to my client telling them that I have to have this info before I can continue work.

they ignore me.

Then I get an email with a new deadline. They (the architect) want the job in 6 days. HAHAHAHAAAAaaa....yeah that's rich. I email back that I can't make that deadline because I haven't seen anything from J (who - get this - is getting an INSANE amount of money) I remind them that I'm not working on it right now and that I'll need AT LEAST 2 weeks to finish AFTER I get all the info from her.

so we have a conference call.

It's me, the architect and J. For an hour we discuss who's doing what (or how much she's NOT doing) and the issues I see with the changes she's made to the lighting design. Bottom line though - we need to finish this job THIS MONTH (issues with the city and some hearing on the job that requires this job be finished by the end of the month)

So we're finalizing some decisions we've made, changed some of her design and get to down and dirty on schedule. This is how the convo goes. This was yesterday at 6:00 pm)

Me: "Okay I'll need 2 weeks after the J is done. So J, can I get your info tomorrow? That will put me done on the 26 so we can submit before the end of the month."
J: "Can't tomorrow, I'll have to pick up all these changes. It will have to be Monday. We work half days on Friday."

WTF!?!?! HALF DAYS!!!!!!!!!! unbelievable. Thank God her client was on the phone. He sure found out where he stands on her schedule.

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Lisa said...

I feel for you sister!!!