Monday, August 15, 2005


Did I say I was prepared for the first day of school??? WHAT WAS I THINKING???

It's 12:30 pm. or is this am? AM I think. I can never get that straight. It's THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! LOL I'm super hot and dripping with sweat as I just spent the last 2 hours scrubbing to death 30 white canvas bags that have been pretreated and soaking in a bleach bath for an hour. Why you say? Well, you see, we have these mandatory 'volunteer hours' for my son's (private Catholic) school and at the end of the year last year, in an attempt to be proactive about my necessary hours rather than putting them off till the last month like I had done the previous year, I agreed to wash the chair pockets for the Kinder teacher. Easy enough right?

yeah, right.

I tossed them in the washer and ran it. Then a ran it again just to be sure they were nice and extra clean. Aren't I clever? As I transferred them to the dryer I found a couple pencils. Now a smart person would have stopped everything and carefully checked each and every pocket for stray items, right? Riiiiight! Do I do this simple task? OH no ... Not me! I just pick up a handfull and 'bend' them checking for pencils. No cracking sound? Not stiff? We're good to go.

Didn't think about the crayons.

Yeah, crayons. Or well one crayon to be accurate. One very black crayon. Did I mention these were white bags? Yeah, let's not forget that. So yeah, these things looked TERRIBLE. Simply terrible. All but ruined. There was NO WAY I was returning these bags looking like this. Hell, I was already trying to cost out how much it was going to be to replace them. Who really knows how much canvas chair pockets run these days? LOL

So I bleached. and soaked and bleached again. All in preparation for 'the scrub.'

2 hours of scrubbing, to be exact. Two.

I just pulled them from the washer, out of their "whitest white, extra soak, extra rinse, heavy soiled" wash cycle and I'll admit, they look okay.

Clorox (oh well and mucho elbow grease) saves the day. So much for being prepared.


Mimi said...


If I had a dollar for every item I've washed that isn't clothing, I'd be rich enough for a personal laundrer.

Dust and Maddy said...

Are you serious? What a nightmare. You are a MUCH better person than I am, because there is no way I would spend that much time on those. Yay for bleach!