Sunday, August 14, 2005

it's that time again

I say that like this school stuff is old hat to me. HA! yeah right. I, at 8pm, just got back from Target finishing up the school shopping. Had to make a second trip for supplies because the pencil bag I got wasn't big enough. Einstein that I am didn't think to put the pens and pencils in the box WHILE AT THE STORE! Not like I didn' t have them all in my fancy little cart. ah well...such is my life.

So, I think we're ready for school. Well I know *I'm* ready...and I think we're even prepared. School shopping is fun. Heck, school supplies are fun. Papers, pens, Elmer's, notebooks, they are right up there with things I love. The smell. The texture. The sound. I swear I started scrapbooking just so I could fiddle with paper and glue.

Noah and I had a good time finding our required items and checking them off the list. His teacher seems to be (we haven't met yet *shrug*) very exact. Our list was very specific. Which bugged Peter a little but I liked. He obviously hasn't done the school shopping before because when you're standing in front of a literal WALL of Crayolas it's WAY easier to find the "24 pack of crayons."

Can I just say that backpacks now-a-days are cool. All those compartments and zippers and pouches. Love them. I wanted to buy one for myself just so I could fill it up with my personal stash of paper and glue.

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