Tuesday, August 16, 2005

seen it all now

So last Saturday night, after scrapping, I decided to get a beer at the bar down the road. Since I lost my milk :( it's something I can do. And since Peter's always asleep when I get home from the store I knew he wouldn't miss me.

It's late, like midnight, when I get there. There's a band playing and lots of people. I take a seat at the bar right next to the waitress station with my back to the band. I order my drink, pull a pen out of my purse, grab some napkins and start jotting down some notes/sketches that just popped into my mind for some new pages.

So there I sit, winding down, having a beer, joting down notes and minding my own business when I hear someone order something I'd never heard of. For some reason this catches my attention and I watch the bartender mix the drink. She poured a shot of Jagermeister and opened a Red Bull. WHAT? I thought. This is a bar? redbull? I've seen it all now. Then she poured half the RedBull into a largeish on-the-rocks glass and handed both the glass and the shot to the man next to me who ordered this...Catastrophe.

You drink it just like a boilermaker apparently. Drop the shot in the glass, let it mix/fuzz for a second and them slam it. I asked the guy if it tastes like Jager (which I hate) and he said no, that it was good. "All the sugar in the RedBull balances out the jager" he says.

Yeah, I'll take his word for it.

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Your kids are beautiful...