Wednesday, August 31, 2005

on all 8's been a good day. Been a long time since I've felt like me. Like my brain actually works. But today, well today I was firing on all 8.

Woke up early (had to, I had carpool) and got everyone to where they needed to be on time. Early even. Came back home and was working by 7:50am. That's crazy early, even when I did have a brain. Worked all morning then headed to the office to catch a ride with the boss.

I had an important meeting with the building community of a church I'm doing the electrical design for. We didn't know what we were walking into, other than "they don't think they need that lighting". crazy. I hate walking into meetings blind like that. I mean, what don't you like? Is it the physical look of the fixtures? Is it the glare? Is it the cost??? WHAT?

Our client totally had our back and we ended up getting the go ahead to keep the system we designed that will actually work. Funny, since that's what they hired us to do in the first place. But I guess sometimes it takes some face to face time to convince people of that. ah worked.

Anyway, got home after that and worked more, returned calls, and set up the rest of the week. Helped Noah with his homework. Picked up the girls and played with them for a while. Had them pick up their rooms. Then the living room. I cleaned the kitchen and family room. Let them watch cartoons while I mopped. Fed them. Watch a bit of scooby doo (man is that bad). Bathed them and got them to bed.

Then Peter got home. Month end for him so it's crazy busy. Handed Kate off to him after he ate dinner. Now it's 'my' time.

So decided my kitchen needed a little shelf. So I found one I'd been holding onto for some reason, this reason it turns out. Painted hit. Hung it. And put the phone, our daily meds, and tissues on it. Looks like it'll work.

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I feel sharp. I will get it back. Peter's right. I will. And today I actually believe that!

yeah...that feels good.


Cherry Moon said...

Soooo... whatcha do today, Michelle? :)

Mimi said...

Very cool, it looks great!