Saturday, September 03, 2005

saturday morning

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This is what I wake to every morning. Or well almost. Sarah's in her crib, not on 'the big chair'. And she's usually completely nekid. This is a new thing for her. Striping down to nothin' and playing with the toys in her bed. I fear the day she had a BM :0

So she's got a thing for going commando. Kinda funny actually (for now) Time to start our day. I get her up, put her in a diaper and let her run wild for a bit before breakfast (which is Eggo's today yum). Peter's been working Saturday mornings. Kinda sucks. For him though more than me. I miss having him here but with Noah his Dad's this weekend it's nice to havin it be just the girls.

Anyway, caught this shot as Sarah sat reading, or should I say "turning"? HAHA She's such a ham. Wonder where she gets that!

Oh! And what'dya think of that hair? Nice huh???

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