Saturday, July 30, 2005

you want how much?

As some of you know, I'm completely addicted to It' s mainly my love for furniture that keeps me coming back again and again. What I find interesting about that site (and if you don't know - it's pretty much an online garage sale) is what people will sell. Or, more accurately, the VALUE people place on their crap.

and some of it's down right CRAP.

How much would you expect to pay for someone else's crap? You might be surprised at how much people are asking for (and not negotiating) their trash. Mind you, I might not think it's crap. I may actually want it. But that doesn't mean I'm going to pay retail for it. Hell, I'm not going to pay HALF retail for it. Or a quarter retail. And frankly, I don't care WHAT you paid for it. Could give a RAT'S ASS. What you paid for it has NOTHING to do with what I'm willing to pay. Or for what the item is actually WORTH! So don't even tell me, I don't care!

I'll offer you what it's worth...same as I would if I drove up to your yard sale and you were sitting in the heat wishing the day was over so you could close the garage door, get a cold beer, order a pizza, bitch about how cheap people are and berating your wife because it was her idea to buy furniture in the first place.

And don't go thinking you're not cheap too. If you weren't cheap your punk ass wouldn't be listing your junk online hoping to recoop a little mula because you got a crappy deal and The Room Store. You're as cheap as the rest of us. So get over your bad self and list that raggety old couch and lamp set for what it's worth. In case you don't know. A couch is 100 bucks MAX, that's in perfect condidtion and without a big dip where your fat ass always sat. If it's in shitty condition (and YES, rips and wear on the arms means it's in shittign condition) it's 50...if not 35. And a lamp is 10 bucks, 15 MAX. NOT 50 - ever.

get over it.

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Dust and Maddy said...

PIMP! I think it was Kerry who one day told me that someone listed a lamp on there (from the 70's) for $5. No other items, just a butt ugly lamp for $5. Seriously people!!! If it's only $5, why bother listing it? Give it AWAY!