Friday, October 17, 2008

a little quickie

don't even go there, you pervs, I'm just doing another quick twitter post.

first - don't forget about the Kimberly Benefit, which ends this Sunday. Really a good time to help someone out and still get something really cool in return. My $1.99 shipping special applies to this benefit, too, so I'm absorbing the balance of the actual shipping cost. How can you beat that?!

second - After Sunday, I'll be leaving "i swear" for my new less-sweary-but-still-all-me blog at It's a whole new look, with more consistent posting, and stupid fun stuff to kill time. I'm diggin it. I've already posted something there that isn't here, so go check it out. I promise, I'll be a better blogger. Kid friendly almost!

and finally - well there is no finally honestly. Just waiting for the weekend to start. Scrapbooking JUST FOR FUN at Paper Vineyard with Kaelene tomorrow night. There are lots of spaces if you wanna come :) Then I'll working with Noah on school work and improving study habits. Getting him his THIRD backpack of the first quarter. Man, they sure do have you packing books in forth grade. Then finally (hey there is a finally!) cleaning the hamster cage. It's gonna be a mellow, hanging with the fam, kind of weekend. :)

as Ringo star says, and what is now my most favorite expression, PEACE AND LOVE, PEACE AND LOVE

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Lisa said...

i wish i was scrapping!!!! have fun. i will check out the new blog.