Tuesday, October 21, 2008

and with that, I am moving

I GIGANTIC thank you to everyone who bought my book last week to help Kimberly. I am in awe of the love shown to others in need. Y'ALL ROCK!

Here's just one of the loads I took to the post office. :)

I made the paypal payment to her account last night. She's not going to be able to retire or anything, but every little bit helps. And maybe she'll find some comfort knowing how many people were, and are, thinking about her. Hang in there girl!!!

And that brings be to some business. Last week, before the whole benefit happened, I decided it was time to leave "i swear" for good. I needed a fresh, clean and less sweary place to talk about all the things I talk about. And a place I could link my site to without getting hate mail about all the cursing.

Here is my new home

I hope to see you there!

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