Thursday, July 03, 2008

it's bright, I know

needed a change so I thought, hey, what better way to make friends and burn out their pupils but to change my blog to green, GREAT IDEA!

The pink will be back at some point, I'm sure, but I wanted to mess around with things cuz, well, it's like to bloggy thing to do. And we all know what a lemming I am.

If y'all haven't noticed, you can follow my OH SO ENTERTAINING tweets from right here. cool huh! Yes, I know, you couldn't wait for that change to happen. I do my best to please you people. (all 3 of you)

Next I'll do Angie's timeline tag deal cuz y'all know how I loooove mentioning completely random crap about myself. Really, who doesn't.

So off to dig deep into my brain to see if I remember anything from 20 years ago (or yesterday) that's legal to like post here.


Kerry said...

You and I must have been bored at the same time. I did a bloggy change too. I DO love the green though! Maybe I like green so much it doesn't affect my eyes! Haha! I vote for keeping it!

I love the twitter thing. I was reading some of yours the other day. Some make me laugh.... and some..... well..... they seriously make me wonder about you. Haha!

You know I love you. It's like being in your head!

Kaelene said...

Bright is good, Michelle!
I'm glad that you can entertain yourself!

Anonymous said...

I lurve the green baby!