Wednesday, June 11, 2008

lots going on

Been super busy over here beyond the craziness of the book stuff. We're off to Cali tomorrow to get my Dad's stuff. I'm super excited about it - can't you tell? Me, the hubby and my bro are flying up (SIL is watching the kids - that's Junie-beeee!!!) thursday. We're packing up Friday and Saturday then the boys are hitting the road. I'm flying back Sunday. Pray that we find my Mom's jewelry. Dad stashed it somewhere and no one knows where. I'm fearful it's lost.

Okay enough of that sad crap. On to what we've been up to.

Peter rounded us all a couple weekends ago for a little overnight trip. We took the scenic route to Globe...took us 7 hours to get 70 miles out of town. We went past the 3 lakes, Canyon, Apache and Roosevelt, drove 22 miles on unpaved roads, and stayed the night in a little motel. It was pretty cool. I shot a ton of pictures, these are a few of my favorites. I'm finally starting to get a couple good shots of all 3 kids together. Love that.

Noah's Little League baseball season is over. We had a fantastic year. Had a sucky record (under 500) but they learned a TON and I think they all had a very good time. Noah has always been good but this year he came alive. He's just down right fun to watch. Well fun for those who actually like baseball, Like me and Peter. haha

We had great kids and super cool parents. We befriended another couple and have been hanging out with them outside of baseball. Always cool to have someone else to chill with.

Here are a couple shots Peter took of Noah pitching. He's a natural shortstop but holds his own on the mound too. Might be obvious (or maybe not) that these pictures are not of the same windup...but you get the picture.

We are waiting to hear if Noah made the All Star team. Won't lie, I really would love it if he did. But being so young (youngest of all the nominated players, I'm told) and having to cut the list in half (28 were nominated for 14 spots) I won't be surprised if they don't select him this year. That would be fine too. I'm really just missing baseball already. Like I said, it was a fun season.

Here's a couple more pics from the 10 mile an hour trip. Everyone likes a blooming cactus, right? Oh sure you do. And those kids. Of cute are them little shits!?!?!

Okay, I'll admit, you can barely see them but trust me. They are stinkin' KEY-YUTE!


Lisa said...

baseball--that's the thing with the ball and bat and you run bases right? LOL

ok--great pics and i love that you took a great scenic trip! beautiful!

Kaelene said...

Your photos RAWK!! Yours too, Peter! (Michelle, I know he won't be reading this, so please let him know what I said!)
Those are some KEY-UTE little shits!! ;)

Dust and Maddy said...

Those pictures are so cute! I can't believe it took that long. How many potty breaks was that?

Good luck in CA!

Sean said...

(Beth here...)

Oh- lots of good photos to scrap! I love how happy the kids look to be together.

Good luck on All-Stars and I hope it was a good weekend. :)

laura said...

busy girl! i LOVE that second picture. i swear you have the cutest kids! :)

good luck to noah on making all stars. i hope you get good news! :)

Kerry said...

I about died. Is that KATE??? How did she get so big???

They all are, but she's supposed to be little still!!!

Cute photos! I hope you had a safe trip.

Miss you!

merideth said...

love the train tracks picture!

but this is what i wanted to say: followed your comment on cz's blog to find you. i want to buy your book. i found my own style by scraplifting. (ok, i still scraplift, but now i know which layouts are "my" style, so i scraplift only them!)

oh, and i watched your news segment (this is what made me want the book). can i just say i'm a fluffy gal who's secretly glad you're so cute but normal - not teeny and blonde? does that make me bitter and shallow? (can one be both fluffy and shallow?) :)