Wednesday, June 04, 2008

i didn't barf

Well here it is...the link to my tv Debut.

Me - not barfing.

I did a segment with Dan Davis at News Channel 3. My first time ever on tv, yah I know, hard to imagine huh I look so confident! (bwhaha!) It was fun. Scary and exciting. But fun. Glad I did it. Extra glad they asked.

I haven't eaten or slept since I got the news YESTERDAY about the segment. I'm pretty much ready for a meal and a nappy!

don't laugh at me too hard. It was pretty damn scary! :)


Em said...

Congrats Michelle! You did a great job. Glad you didn't barf. Those books will be flying off the shelves now! Emily McBride

Lorie said...

Ah!!! I missed it! Off to watch it on the computer.

scrapmom4 said...

You didn't barf!! You did great, Michelle. If I hadn't heard of it already I'd run out and buy it. :) I'm glad they had a scrapbooker interview you so he had some sense of what you were doing! You're famous. Cool!

Kaelene said...

I couldn't be more proud . . . and I know that your parents are too! ♥

Kaelene said...

And, I forgot to say earlier, I love how Dan totally says your last name with a Chicaaago accent!

Anonymous said...

OH Wow Michelle! That was awesome. My favorite part: "let's be honest, these pages aren't going anywhere"

Not to mention, you looked so pretty. Loved your outfit.

Kerry said...


Did you know about this before I left?!?! That is CRAZY COOL!!!

I could tell you were nervous because I know YOU. I kept hoping for an F bomb or somthing. ;)

You did great though!

sandalloons40 said...


Yes I saw you as my husband was changing the channel I said No wait, there is Michelle from the book lifted, Like he knows exactly what I was talking about. I said oh, it was too late to pop in a VCR tape. Shucks. Well, you did great.

I was selected on November 8, 2006 to make fudge with Tara and boy was I happy. It was a contest and I had no idea that it was to go online. I had consulted Heidi first as she has been on before about details.

Were you in the kitchen set up?
well it was like props and not real except the microwave and stove.

Congrats Michelle, it was so neat.

sandalloons40 said...

Hi Michelle again

that is so cool what your friends did to your yard. Wow, what a surprise. when I took over a paper route for my friend, whom had her 5th baby. Well, I saw flamingos in pink in a older couples yard for their 50th anniversary. That was so neat.
Well, I didn't know you had 3 children?
see ya

Lisa said...

that was really cool. you did great and you looked beautiful!!!

Beth said...

You rocked it! But dude- next time smile! ;) (Sorry- it's the dance-mom in me speaking...)

And you looked fabulous!

Dust and Maddy said...

SO FUN TO WATCH YOU! Why didn't you send an e-mail out so I could have watched it live? CONGRATS!

Tammy said...

Yay! That was awesome Michelle! I definitely would have barfed.