Wednesday, August 08, 2007

stepping out!

Okay, first, THANK YOU for like everything. Y'all rock. Seriously, I don't deserve you.

Next, I'm feeling better tonight. For a couple reasons, I'm thinking. Partly because I'm simply cried out (for now at least). I spent yesterday on the couch in the fetal position bawling and holding on the my favorite blanket. No, I'm not kidding. But I needed it (the PMS prolly didn't help matters) and I'm feeling like I can at least shower and be semi-productive.

But mainly I'm feeling better because I'm going to California this weekend. Flight leaves at 7:40 am tomorrow. Going to see my Dad for a bit before I head to up to the mountains for my 20 year high school reunion Saturday night. Scary! hahaha It'll be a long weekend with much driving but I'm looking forward to it. It'll be good to see everyone I grew up with...and even better to give my padre a humungous huge!

So while I've been gone for a while quietly licking my wounds, I'll be gone again partying it up. My dad and I have vowed to make this a fun trip. He's down right giddy with the restaurant choices he's got going on! I love him.

I'll leave you with an amazingly crappy pictures of the adorable "prayer flowers"

Kaelene brought over for me tonight. She told me, "every time you look at them know that we are praying for you" CRAP! so much for being cried out! But these are tears of hope! Love you guys!

See ya Monday!


Dust and Maddy said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little better -- of course, your family is still in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your tip and love the flowers!

laura said...

i hope you have a good trip and a great visit with your dad.