Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter my friends!

Gonna keep this short. I'm, err... I mean the Easter bunny is out of shape and is huffing like a big fat Easter bunny would huff after putting out (only) 41 fake eggs and 14 real eggs.

The easter bunny needs to go on a diet.

In other news, my camera is fucked up again. Not my doing this time. I get "error five" whatever the hell that means. What burns my britches (is that how you spell that, I'm oxygen deprived and can't think) is I FINALLY put my fixed lens (the one I dropped back in DECEMBER) YEAH that one, finally put it back on, yesterday! And today it's all jacked up. annoying.

So no pictures of coloring easter eggs. Which we did today (at least I'm consist with the last minute shit!) And unless a miracle happens tomorrow (which has been known to happen *wink*) there won't be any pictures tomorrow, either.

That's my update. The fat, sweaty Easter Bunny has spoken!


Dustin said...

AHHHH! My eyes are burning ;)

we have 8:30 church, so Dustin's sneaking home in between meetings to put them out. YEAY! Easy day for me (although I did have to stuff them all while he's off watching UFC)

laura said...

LOL!! aren't holidays FUN!? ;)

happy easter, michelle!

Kerry said...

Happy Easter!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Holidays are the best for KIDS!!! The rest of us just suffer through! Have a good one, Tammi

Beth said...

Happy belated Easter!

I always get an error 5 with my dRebel when I'm wearing a hat. The flash pops up and hits the hat, causing the error. Could it be something like that?

Lisa said...

sorry about your camera! that sucks!