Monday, April 16, 2007

blog envy

Maddy got a new blog template. It's completely adorable. I want it. I love it. I must have it.

In short, I covet her blog template.

I visited Zoot's site where Maddy got the blog. Cute stuff but nothing that's pure MICHELLE. I like this one,

and almost downloaded it but decided, neh!...too much work. And it's still not perfectly me. Not sure I'll ever know what that is. Perfectly me. I'm very complex, as you know. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA

and there you have the boringest blog entry ever.


Dust and Maddy said...

Ooooooh, I loved that template too. Janel has it, though, so I had to settle for 2nd best because I can't copy my neighbor.

Kerry said...

OOOooo! I love that one! Dang, and my tech guy isn't here.

You need something with a cute black bottom, some cute pattern on top, and a cute little bow. Like your purse. I always think of you when I see those little purses.

Lisa said...

oh--that is a cute one--i might take it if you don't! it had pink and black in it didn't it?? and you are never boring my friend!

Michelle said...

okay, I'm gonna do it! With me luck ya'll!!!

(and this is why I've been too busy to reply to any blogs - much less read them! I find something 'extra' to take up my time on top of my crazy work schedule. So now you know)

Michelle said...

WISH me luck, that is ;)

Shanna said...

It's totally You!