Sunday, December 10, 2006


Don't feel like writing much so I thought I'd post some pictures. That's the fun part of blogs anyway, right?! LOL :)

Dems some cute chillins right there. Check the choke hold Sarah's got on Kate. They seriously crack me up.

This is as close as we get to Fall here in AZ. This picture is only one week old. Yes, they are in shorts :)

Anyone know where the baby is? And where's my toothbrush?

Now why would she go stickin her tongue out at Mommy????

....oh yeah....


Lisa said...

oh my gosh--those are dang cute kids!! those pics at the end are funny!!!

Beth said...

The Peter and Sarah photos are classic! I seriously snorted when I scrolled down and saw them!

Dust and Maddy said...

Love the cutie patootie pictures and sooooo glad you FINALLY updated!

kerry said...

GREAT pictures Michelle! I love the fall ones!

I can't believe how BIG Kate is! What are you feeding those kids over there?

laura said...

you seriously have the CUTEST kids! love the pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Your kids are BLONDE and BEAUTIFUL! Where are there leaves on the ground here? Tammi

Smalltown RN said...

I was just surfing the blog world and came across your blog. Great pictures of your are quite the photogapher...sorry about the lens...Ouch!!

Then I saw your Christmas meme....I sent that to one of my blog friends...I originally recieved it from an email friend...I sent it to a blog friend who suggested I post it as a Meme for our blog world...funny how things spread around!

Hope you had a better day!!


scrapmom4 said...

I love the first one. CUTE!