Monday, October 09, 2006

it's a good thing she's cute

We woke up this morning to Sarah, the increasingly mischievous 3 year old, standing over the small fish tank where she had just dumped a years worth of fish food. By noon, even with a massive water change, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g in the tank was dead. Even the snails couldn't survive.

Peter came home at lunch with fresh, clean, cycled salt water for the necessary water changes. He also had in hand a bag containing a cute little dory. Bright blue and full of spunk, just like Dory's are. When Peter turned on the light on the big tank to float her he realized that Sarah, in fact, didn't pour the entire bottle into the small tank. :( ABout a third was sitting in the bottom of the big tank. This was not good.

I did a quick water change right then and Peter and I did another huge one tonight. The whole time Dory is trapped in her bag, floating atop of ever dropping water. We've done all we can do right now. At least the water is slightly ugh.

I know they're just fish but I get attached. I'm like that. Flushing them sucks. But even worse is not knowing if they are going to die. Like watching them being torched. We've been really good about not killing fish lately (mostly because we stopped buying them) and it sucks to be doing this death this again.

So wish us luck and pray for the remaining nemos, the new dory, the starfish and all the other little living things in our tank. they need all the prayers they can get. Or just pray that our little angel will leave the tanks alone :)


laura said...

awww - i hope the new fishies make it!

Beth said...

Poor fishies. :(

Kerry said...

Oh no!

Is this still the same starfish from a long time ago?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the remaining fishies. :(

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

i love dory--prayers are with her and fabio! ;)

Dust and Maddy said...

Oh no! I love watching the fishies. :(