Friday, October 13, 2006

fishy update

It's been 5 days since the food incident. The tank is pretty torn apart still but it's looking better. Both nemo's seem to be fairy well. I do believe they'll make it.

Dory is still alive. Pretty amazing if you ask me. This fish, Blue Hippo Tang, are really senstive and hard to keep. Her gills are burned but she doens't have ick yet (the disease that fish get when they are stressed) and she's eating well. I won't say that she'll make it, but as of last night she was alive.

The starfish is half dead. It started to fall apart (their legs literally fall apart when the die) on Monday. I moved it a couple times and it fought back and buried itself. I didn't see it for 3 days but could tell it had moved a couple times (they leave a star shape in the sand) Then last night I saw it again. Didn't move it, I figured I should let him be. I'm hoping he can weather this storm.

The cleaner shrimp is no where to be found. He's a good hider so it's possible he's alive. I did see him after all the rock got moved but that was on Monday. No evidence that he's dead so I'm thinking he's pissed that I destroyed his house. LOL

So that's my update. Boring to everyone else but me ;)


Anonymous said...

Man I didn't know fish were so complicated. I need to go clean the tank right now. Kim Possible (Savanna's Fish) deserves that much! Tammi

Beth said...

Poor little guys. It must be rough having Hurricane Sarah to contend with. ;)

I hope they make it!

Dust and Maddy said...

Thanks for the update. I'll start a prayer chain for the fish ;p. I seriously hope they come out alright!

Michelle said...

crazy comlicated huh? it's stupid.

what REALLY stupid is that I actually cried over this event. Watching the star crumble apart had me in hysterics.

...hum....on second thought maybe I'm pmsing.......... LOL

Kerry said...

no, I would cry over the starfish too Michelle. That thing is COOL.

Remember us all sitting there just staring at the aquarium at that one crop? Poor Lisa, Shanna and Ali in the other room, while we are eating crack and amazed by the fish.

I love your play by play of the survivors!