Monday, September 25, 2006

should change that name of this place

Seriously, I need to change from [randomness] to [BITCHYNESS!] that's all I do anymore.

Went to the oral surgeon today. They wanted me to come in earlier that scheduled because I was still in pain. Just a precaution. Well, everything looks fine, no infection or anything, but he said I should expect another 2 weeks of pain. 2 freakin weeks! ugh.

"I worked you over pretty good" were is exact words. That's not something I want to hear from a doctor! haha

He's a great surgeon and I know all this pain is no reflection on his abilities. Nor am I a big baby. This shit hurts. It's expected.

To top it off I've had a deep, steady headache since the surgery that no medication really touches. It's kinda like a halo that wraps around my head just above my eyes and around my neck. It sucks.

So, this place is going to be [BITCHYNESS] for a while. Don't blame ya for not checking in. :)


Lisa said...

well, i am coming in low! HA HA sorry about your pain--it does remind me of the time i took brianne to get braces--i'm trying to tell her it won't hurt much and it will be fine--the name of the dr. office? THE PAIN CENTER!! WTG!

laura said...

yikes - that really bites, michelle. hope you are feeling better soon!

Beth said...

Aw, I'm sorry you're still in pain. That stinks. :(

Have you tried Aleve for the headache? That stuff is the only thing that works on the "down for the count" headaches I get a couple times a year.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I really feel for you! I hope YOU feel better soon. I hope your family the best too.. HA HA.. Take care, Tammi