Monday, August 21, 2006


My scrapbook room that is. Holy crap - 3 days of purging and there's a floor. It's white (or well used to be LOL) carpet WHO KNEW?!?!?!

I have thrown tooooooooooooooons of stuff away. Given even more to Goodwill and have quite the large pile of giveaway stuff for my MAS girls (or anyone else for that matter - but MAS girls get first dibs!)

It's been liberating. My motivation for giving it all away??? (besides new paint and window treatments?) I realized I've scrapbooked about 90 pages in the last year and not one single time have I gone into that room to pull a piece of paper or use a supply. NOT ONE SINGLE TIME.

That's crazy!

So I knew darn well that my issues were piling up on me (figuratively AND literally) and needs to deal with it. So deal I did. Right into the trash can.

It's not done yet. Knew I wouldn't be but got SO MUCH farther than I could have dreamed (and yes I am dreaming about this now) that's it's getting really close. Need to get some paint on the walls and some of the furniture, deal with the windows, get on the new word wall (wait till you see this - I think it's going to be amazing) and hang some art/pictures and I'M DONE. I've moved back in even so not only do I have a floor in my scrapbook room but we even have a dining room table!

Here's a little hint of what I've be doing.

Here's the new color scheme. I've added (or kept rather) the green. yummy!

Don't those flowers look adorable? Finally found a cute (and realistic) use for those jars I bought forever ago (remember Kerry!?)

My favorite thing...and what inspired a change of the word wall. :)


Lisa said...

i need more pictures!!! love it so far though!

Beth said...

Looking good so far. More pictures! I wanna see the pile-o-stuff! ;)

Michelle said...

oooo!!! the pile...that's a good one! That'll be tomorrow :)

Picked up most of the finishing touches today :) SUPER excited about that. Cross your fingers that I like the paint colors I picked off the teeny paint chips. I suck at that!

Dust and Maddy said...

Michelle- it looks AWESSSSSOME! I am in love with it already and I've only seen little hints. You should quit your job and become an interior decorator!

Can't wait to see more!