Monday, July 10, 2006

remember that page challenge?

Well I've taken that same set of papers and did two more pages with it. It was just too cute a set to stuff it away in my "used" stack. So here they are. Can I tell you how much I love scrapbooking?!?!? AGGHH!! it just makes me happy :)

Journaling reads:
"what is it about you?
i really don't know
i don't know what it is
or where you got it.
but i do know for sure,
there's something
super cool about

this one says:
"remember this
You are beautiful
You are beautiful
You are beautiful"


Anonymous said...

so i absolutly am in LOVE with these pictures! they're so stinkin cute!!


Michelle said...

Is that my Katie? KATIE?!?! :) You read this silly thing???


They are pretty cute aren't they!?

Lisa said...

OK--I don't know which i love more--the layouts or the pictures!!! They are wayyyyyy to cute!!! That first picture is to die for!!! lovely!!! (i'm scraplifting this for sure!)

Kerry said...

Those are great Michelle!! You did get a lot done with that set of papers didn't you? Wowza!

I still can't believe that is Kate. I think you switched tiny, baby Kate with somebody else's big girl. She grew entirely WAY too fast.

Anonymous said...

yes this is your katie KATIE! haha i do read this from time to time...there are always cute and entertaining stories about the kids!