Saturday, July 08, 2006

it only takes a second

okay well maybe 2. But this is what happens in my house when there is ANY silence.
I pretty much have two choices.
1.) I can run around, endlessly, after my kids making sure they are 'in' to anything.
2.) Or I can take a break to sit down (or use the freegin bathroom) and have blue faces to clean up.

Sometimes I choose the latter.
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Kerry said...

I'm going to guess....marker?

I don't think there is a popsicle that shade of blue.

Gatorade or koolaid doesn't quite have that staining power on hands..

open jello package...possibly.

Can you tell I have had to guess where that color came from before?? LOL!! My kids always seem to go for red though. *sigh*

Beth said...

Orange is the color of choice in our house. Wait till you get your first crayon in the dryer... ;)

How many baths did it take to get that out? Yikes!

Sometimes choice #2 is the only option, right?

Michelle said...

that would be marker! Nice job Kerry!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I like the blue marker better than the orange mac&cheese. You've got quite the clean up chore over there!

What does tomorrow hold?


Lisa said...

please tell me you only buy washable markers? pretty please? :)

Michelle said...

They were washable. Which you would think is a good thing, right. BUT, Kate proceeded to rub her eyes with her hands after putting them in her mouth.

Can you say "color transfer"? hahahah

Michelle said...

oh and mo? This is nothin'! hahaha This is the stuff I'm able to catch on film.

I couldn't even handle the dog food (I'm currently dogsitting) in the water or the Bath and Body works lotion in the crib.


laura said...



kerry - you stole my guess! ;)

yes - they can get into heaps of trouble, can't they?

Cherry Moon said...

*lol* I remember when Mikayla took my brand new chalks underneath her bed and went to town.

She fell asleep under there with a very black mouth, and the rainbow painted on her entire body.