Thursday, June 01, 2006

maybe it's just me

But dammit if I don't think this is the cutest thing ever.


Noah and Kaila were playing ball outside Sunday morning (yes we skipped church - sinners!) when Sarah decided she wanted to watch from outside. She didn't want to play. She just wanted to watch. She was still in her jammies and barefoot so I really didn't want her 'officially' outside but she, in her native 2 1/2 year old speak, told me that she wanted to just sit at the door. It sounded like this, "no (okay that's always pretty clear) jus wan sit"

So she opened the door just wide enough to slip out. Then she, very deliberately, put each foot down juuuust past the threshold, slowly lowering her bottom down so that her back against the door. The topper was when she placed her folded hands in her lap. AAHHH!!! the CUTENESS. Look it up in Websters...that is what you'll find. Come on do it! Look it up, I dare ya! LOL

I didn't last not but then ot much does when you are two. It was just long enough to snag the camera and get a shot - and well have digital proof that my windows really need cleaned. :) Posted by Picasa


Kerry said...

Just give up on ever having those windows cleaned. You'll never be able to catch up. ;)

Cute picture! She looks so deep in thought! Even if she didn't stay there long.

Lisa said...

don't you just love that age!!! yep, she's cute!!!

Shanna said...


Beth said...

Cutie pie!