Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the week of the bubbles

so what was it, last week, that Kerry (ERR someone teach me how to link please!) found bubbles in her toilet? Well this week it's my turn.


I feel rather silly actually. Like someone from a cheesy sitcom. I mean doens't this crap only happen on bad tv? Guess not, cuz I did it. Can't even blame it on Peter!

We were out of dishwashing detergent so I used the liquid dish soap. DOH! I didn't use much of it and I SWEAR I'd done this before without incident. This time it backfired though and I ended up with bubbles all over the floor.

But my dishes were nice and squeeky clean! :) Posted by Picasa


Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...

What a great eye! Very clever. I love stuff like this.

Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...
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Beth said...

Dork. Even a drop of dishwashing liquid will give ya tons of bubbles. (shhh- I did it in college, so you're not alone!)

WTH kind of people are you attracting to your blog, Michelle? ;)

Kerry said...

Ha ha! Well, at least you kind of get a clean floor out of the process.

I learned that valuable lesson as well. It is a rite of passage.

I did learn from calling G.E. that you should run your dishwasher with a tablespoon of liquid fabric softener to 'kill' all the bubbles. Otherwise it could keep making dishsoap bubbles for a few loads, depending on how much dishsoap you put in there.

Lets all make sure we pass this information on to our kids, so they don't do this! LOL!

It's bubble week! I'm waiting for a photo of Beth's jacuuzi with bubbles coming out of it now! ;)

laura said...


holy crap! good to know!