Wednesday, November 09, 2005

he forgot her

He, my husband, forgot all about her, out baby, Kate. Seriously, F.O.R.G.O.T. her.

Here's the deal. We have a pretty simple nighttime routine. It has to be simple because by the end of the day I need simple. I can't handle the story time, the snuggle time, the "I need a drink" excuse, the 45-minute saga of getting them to bed. So I don't. The rest of the day is for all that. Bedtime is for sleeping.

This is how it goes. Around 7:30 and 7:45 we have Noah change his clothes and we give him 5 minutes to do with what he likes. He usually picks cartoons. Cool.

One of us changes Sarah, give her her medicine (stupid sinuses), tells her it's time to say goodnight, walks her into her room, put her in bed, she asks to be covered up, we cover her up, she says, "thank you" (how cute is that?!?), we leave, done.

We come back out and give Noah his 2 minute warning. Then 1 minute. Then bed. He usually comes out once asking me when I'm coming it to kiss him goodnight (as sometimes it's right away when he's still awake and sometimes it needs to be later because I have to leave in which case I tell him I'll come in after he's fallen asleep.) He's done.

During all this Kate is taking her evening nap. I find it odd she needs an evening nap, but she does. At this point my duties are done. It's Peter's job (which he loves) to wake Kate, change her, make her nighttime bottle, feed her and put her back down.

ALL THIS to get to last night. I finished getting the first 2 down and left for Barnes and Noble. I've finished all 6 Harry's and needed something to read. I leave, I shop, I find, I buy, I hang out, I read, I return, no biggie.

Morning comes and Kate's awake early. This is odd but I figure Noah woke her as he's known to do because he digs playing with her before school. I go in and she's in the clothes she wore yesterday. huh. "We must be out of jammies." I think to myself. Pick her up. Huh? Diaper seems full. "She must be growing out of this outfit making her diaper appear larger than it is," I, again, think to myself.

K. So, get the 2 big ones off to school and come back to feed Kate. I notice the lid is on the formula. *I* am the only person who actually puts the lid back on the formula. Peter never does it (which makes me nuts, but that's another topic). Now I KNOW something's up. I check the new box of rice cereal (that he puts into the nighttime bottle) Unopened.

He totally forgot to feed the baby. Didn't change her. Didn't feed her. Hell, he didn't even remember he had her!

Aw well. It could have been worse. He could have forgotten her on the top of the car!


Lisa said...

OK--that was funny, not like ha ha funny but more like oh--she's married to a man funny!! HA HA

Dust and Maddy said...

That's going to be one of those stories that you can pull out for years to come. . . sort of like the car keys story. :)

Shanna said...

LOL LOVVVVVVE IT!!!! YEAH!!! MICHELLE IS HUMAN!!! I didn't realize it until now!!! I held her up on this "super mom" pedastal.....JK girl!!! You always keep things real and that's whay I love you!

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Dust and Maddy said...

I think it's time to update your blog again!!!!