Monday, June 27, 2005

"Don't be nervous mommy"

Well we ALL survived Noah's trip to Cali. He made it home safely after a solo flight. I have to admit I was a tad bit nervous about his flying by himself. Not so much about his safety. Hell, he's probably safer on an airplane alone than at the mall with me and Peter! All the same, I was worried.

So what about you ask? Well, honestly, that he'd freak out while boarding and make everyone's life hell. He's really a pretty good kid. And will go along with most everything. But when he gets scared there's no telling what he'll do. Stopping dead in his tracks half-way down the jetway isn't unfathomable. But he didn't. He did great.

And believe it or not, after a short talk with him the day before his flight I was okay too. HE was the one who calmed me down actually. My dad must have said something to him about my concerns because he said (during one of our 5 daily phone conversations) "don't be nervous mommy" I said, "why not sweetie?" He replied, "Because I won't be nervous."

He's a smart kid! And it worked. I did pretty good.

Now he's sad at night because he misses Grandpa. "I wish he could live with us. I wish our WHOLE FAMILY can live with us" That's his solution.

Yeah babe, THAT'S not gonna happen. Loooooooove my fams and all, but that ain't happening!


Mimi said...

Yay! He's home!

Nancy said...

I'm glad he survived his trip!
I would have also been a nervous wreck...great bonding time for him and Grandpa!