Monday, October 06, 2008

another twitter type post

1. This is super late - I'm a dork - but had a fantastic signing up in Glendale at Scrap Happy sisters. THOSE GIRLS ROCK! I'd hoped to have some pictures to show you of the contest they did but it finished long after I left and haven't gotten any emailed yet. I'll have to give them a call and check up on that. Anyway, it was an awesome event. I felt loved and was honored to be there. Thanks to all you came out!

2. I have a new ad up on Cathy's blog Go check it out - it's kinda fun. well fun for me anyway. Maybe I'll sell a book or two ;)

3. Check this super cool thing out. Lifted was reviewed at Scrapbook Great review. Love it when people get it.

4. Been crazy busy lately - with the real job. Not digging all that much, to be honest. Don't get me wrong, love (NEED) the paycheck, just wish I had more time to devote to blogging and the book.

5. I'm in the market for a sales rep. or reps if needed by region. Anyone interest or know anyone who might be please email me at

6. have a couple signings coming up. I'll be in Tucson THIS Saturday at Pages in Progress from noon-2pm and then up in Flagstaff October 25 (that's 3 Saturdays) at About Memories and More from 2pm-4pm. Come by and see me! No purchase necessary LOL

7. Actually went out and got Halloween costumes already. First time not doing it days before and paying out the nose for overnight shipping. Kate's going to be a butterfly (thanks for the costume Beth - she loves it) Sarah is "bat girl" which is pretty much a batman costume in bright pink. I love it! an Noah is an army soldier.

8. Had my super talented friend Lisa take pictures of my kiddos this weekend. She's starting a photography business and couldn't wait to get her booked. I'm about dying waiting to see them (it's not like she's slow - it's only been 2 days!) I'm going to do a book for Peter for Christmas. I'm thrilled. Post a reply on Lisa's blog if you want to book her or have questions about her what she's up to. She's working on getting her site up and running. ***UPDATE: SNEAK PEAK IS UP ON LISA'S BLOG - WOO HOO!

9. and finally, a little picture, cuz everyone loves pictures. This is Noah. Gold panning in the North Fork, or the American River, or some other river in Northern California. He went to visit my Aunt and Uncle for a week while on break. He actually came home with real gold. We could buy a lollypop, maybe.

well that's about it. Sorry I've been so lame updating here. just crazy busy.


Beth said...

Some of the photos are up on her blog- they're awesome!

Kaelene said...

We're just glad that you are still alive and kickin'! Let's sell that book! In fact, let's sell enough copies that you can quit the "real" job. . . wanna??? ♥

Tammy said...

Love the pictures Lisa did. She's right...but you don't need us to tell you...your kids are beautiful.

Lisa said...

are you busy or something? your kids are not only the cutest but the sweetest too. you have the greatest kids M--i loved taking their pics!!!

Dust and Maddy said...

Noah has the BEST breaks. He is always going somewhere coo.

LOVE LOVE the pictures!